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Lets blog more!

Blogging is a wonderful hobby. It’s basically a will to share things. When this will meets writing you will never know how great it is until you experience it your self.

Blogging is a hobby that last. It will last as long as the writings are there. Unlike social media that awkwardly dubbed as microblogging, the writing in a blog will give a bigger impact since it is written (mostly) more carefully and relatively longer than a status in facebook or a tweet in twitter (thus makes it better digested by our brain before they’re published/posted).

The will to share basically is a good thing. We can share our knowledge, experience, even our feeling about something. The excitement comes when we get a feedback from others. Some readers sometimes share back to you about their experience on the same object you share based on their point of view. Some of them agree and maybe some of them disagree, thus discussions are started.

This kind of activity is a natural thing for us as human being. People love to share and they love to be responded. For some extent this behaviour makes the social networking grow rapidly because they can share things and get the response from their friends almost instantly. This makes many people addicted and caused them to pursue popularity, at least in their circle of influence. At this point, “sharing” become embarrassing because people will share everything, ranging from what they feel, what they see at that second, what they eat for breakfast-lunch-dinner, what they think about someone next to them in a public transport, even some very-unimportant-expressions such us “hmm…”, “wow”, “lho”, etc. To make it worse, all of that very-unimportant-expressions are delivered to us as is, everytime all day long. Most people won’t bother to set a proper settings for them. They just embarraassed. This makes social media become unsocial.

On the other hand, a well written writing will raise a better response. It’s a reciprocal, when you give better you will get better in return. If you seriously make a post (even when the content is not intended to be serious) you will get a seriously written response (although the content is not a serious one). This makes regular blogging will give a better advantage than microblogging in terms of response quality. And better response quality will invite a better discussion. Thus challenge us to dig deeper about something we share and make brain circulation more fluid and dynamic. That’s why i previously said that blogging will last.

So, let’s blog more.

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